About Us

Stones by Rander is a stone processing and exporting company of Indian Origin. Our products are the culmination of centuries of nature’s perseverance and man’s craftsmanship. We have something for everyone and every space. With 100’s of containers exported every year around the world, our friendly and skilled team of dedicated and professional designers, estimators, and regional export specialists will answer all your questions, help you choose the best option that fits your budget, follow your project from specification to delivery, all while keeping you in the loop.
Are you a homeowner, builder, interior designer, or project management company? Our team will work with your designers to help you realize your vision and conclude your project. A leading stone company is always at your service for any assistance. We strive to make your experience working with us a memorable and hassle-free one.



Walls and Floors, Interior, Exterior, Furniture, Pavings, Garden decoration



Europe | USA | Asia | Australia


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