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Stone Garden, Housing and Art Gallery

Our daily selection from the web, today wants to suggest to our followers this interesting Project: Beirut’s contemporary cityscape is the product of the country’s geopolitical situation and tormented political tensions. Violence has left its mark on the city’s buildings’ skins. The project invites nature to invade a concrete skeleton changing one’s conception of what a façade opening might mean to this context, blurring the boundary between the articulated window and the memory of a past event. This new architecture will stand juxtaposed with the few remaining traditional tiled-roof houses and the identical concrete masses of today’s construction.“Stone Garden” materializes the history of Beirut, a built form of life and death, presence and absence, evanescence and timelessness, beauty and rawness… For more information click here.

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Museum and Cultural Forum Arnsberg

Our daily selection from the web, today wants to suggest to our followers this interesting Project: The Sauerland-Museum, located in the historically listed "Landsberger Hof", has been expanded to become Museum and Cultural Forum South Westphalia. To achieve this, the existing historical building from 1605 was extensively renovated in the first construction phase and the permanent exhibition was redesigned. Phase two comprised an extension building, located on the directly adjacent, 45-degree sloped lot which leads down to Ruhrstrasse and the Ruhr River. For more information click here

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Monolithic Marble Columns Installation

Monolithic Italian Marble Calacatta Viola, Columns Installation | Architect Simone Soardo

Installation of one-piece (monolithic) marble columns, 6.5 meters high, 5.8 tons of weight. Italian marble Calacatta Viola.These columns are reinforced with one metal pilaster inserted inside and along all the marble “cylinder”.The hole was made during three weeks of work, paying attention at:– speed rotation of tool,– vibrations– and overall at the direction of the “gallery” we were doing.It was quite difficult to keep the straight direction and the alignment between the entrance hole (at the beginning) and the exit hole (at the end of the “excavation”.A very unique and “emotional” work for an exclusive Client.
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