Aongking Technology HEBEI Co., Ltd. is a leading supplier of customized sculpture supplies based in Quyang. With a strong presence in the local and international markets. Aongking has established itself as a trusted source of high-quality sculptures. Our dedication to customer satisfaction has allowed us to expand our reach globally, serving over 40 countries, including Europe, England, France, Russia, the United States, Australia, and Africa。

As a professional sculpture factory, Aongking specializes in creating exquisite bronze sculptures, large-size brass statues, stainless steel landscape sculptures, and natural marble sculptures. Our diverse range of sculpture supplies caters to various applications, including garden decoration, landscape enhancement, and specific indoor and outdoor decorative scenes.

At Aongking, we take pride in our team of skilled designers and artists who possess expertise in 3D scanning, 3D printing, and creating accurate CAD and 3D drawings.
Aongking ensures you can visualize the perfect match for your project with greater clarity. Our commitment to your satisfaction drives us to offer custom-made services, catering to projects of any scale, whether personal or public. We thrive on bringing your unique visions to life. Simply share your requirements, and our team will transform your ideas into reality. You name sculpture, Aongking can create sculpture. With a solid reputation as a reliable supplier of customized sculpture supplies, Aongking looks forward to fostering new collaborations and partnerships. Contact Aongking today to discuss your sculpture needs and embark on a creative journey.


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