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Prime Stone Impex is an Eco-Friendly Company. This company was founded in 2003, for 13 years of ™ experience in stone & Export business. Prime Stone Impex is one of the fast-growing Export Company (100% EOU) of natural stone in Jaipur, Rajasthan India. Elements of nature, especially stone can never be considered a waste. In each of its forms, from the time it is a part of a huge mountain till the time it becomes small particles of sand, it is useful for humans.
Prime Stone Impex makes art out of stones that can be used in your buildings to make masterpieces out of nature’s gift to us. Browse through the next few pages to find the best ways we can make your place a better place to live. We will make a work of art that you can flaunt. Give us a chance to create a masterpiece that deserves a second look from your guests, something they cannot forget for a lifetime. Established in the year 1995, Prime Stone Impex is a well-known organization engaged in manufacturing and supply of an exclusive range of utility decorative stone


Marbles, Stones, Limestone, Travertine, Granite, Blocks, Slabs, Tiles, Interiors, Floorings, Walls Claddings, Landscape Stone, Custom Design Projects, Logistic Management, Selection, Inspection.


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