About Us

Our company was founded in 1999, initially active in the extraction sector, today it exports its materials worldwide.
For almost 20 years Pietra Nesli Sh.PK has been guaranteeing its customers a high-quality final product, where the naturalness and uniqueness of this sandstone, adapts to the various design realities, which allow its use both in modern structural applications and in the renovation of historical places.
The Nesli Quarries are synonymous with stone and an ancient tradition such as its use since ancestral times, still handcrafted and carefully worked today, keeping ancient traditions alive in today’s modern times.
All the materials are carefully selected to guarantee an impeccable raw material, ideal for creating both exterior and interior cladding and flooring such as tiles, cubes, curbs, etc.
Our stones for floors and walls represent an always modern and reliable proposal.
With their elegant and classic style, our materials are always current and able to adapt to any type of environment.


Marbles, Stones, Blocks, Slabs, Tiles, Floorings, Walls Claddings, Custom Design Projects, Logistic Management, Selection, Inspection.


Europe | USA | Asia | Australia | Canada


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