About Us

We specialize in designing and engineering architectural works in marble and natural stone.
We operate in Pietrasanta, Tuscany, surrounded by the age-old marble deposits of the Apuan Alps which are renowned worldwide. They have always been the source of inspiration that has driven our passion for natural stone and its multiple applications in architecture and design.


Design, Engineering, Architectural Works, Marble, and Stone Procurement, Marble, and Stone Installation, On-site total station surveys, in Italy and the rest of the world, Feasibility studies to assess materials and installation, Photo reports throughout the entire working process, Design and photorealistic renderings with the mapping of selected stone materials (coverings, book matching, inlaid flooring, etc.). Engineering the work and creating cutting and site instruction lists (in consideration of the type of machinery used by the stonework facility); supplying 3D CAD files for CNC conversion.


Europe | USA | Asia | Africa


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