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Since 1992, Mer-Ma Mining has been one of the sector values ​​with its marble quarries, production quality, high-end technology, and visionary approaches. Mer-Ma Mining, sending the marble produced by its quarries to the most special projects in 5 continents of the world. Furthermore, Mer-Ma Mining is the only manufacturer of Picasso Black Marble and is aware of its responsibility for the development and progress of the sector and always strives to achieve the future and perfection. During the processing of marble, which is one of nature’s most beautiful gifts, she adopts nature protection as one of her basic visions with her knowledgeable team and the right equipment and works with the principle of minimal energy and waste consumption. Mer-Ma Mining is constantly renewed and offers modernity and aesthetics together with its designers with its products that can be used in all indoor and outdoor spaces without sacrificing quality from a customer-oriented perspective. Mer-Ma Mining has strengthened its place among institutions in its sector day after day without any slight decrease from its initial enthusiasm and enthusiasm in its determination to achieve the best for years. Mer-Ma Mining accepts its responsibility for the advancement of the marble sector as an indicator of professionalism and always strives to further achieve and perfection.


Blocks, Slabs, Extraction, Interior Design Marbles, Custom Furnitures, Floorings, Walls Claddings


Turkey | Europe | USA | Asia | Africa


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