About Us

Founded in Milan in 1937, Mapei is today’s world leader in the production of adhesives and chemical products for every sector of the building industry and has created thousands of specific products with properties and characteristics to meet all their needs, from waterproofing private swimming pools to soundproofing theatres and restoring historic buildings.


Products for ceramics and stone material, Products for resilient, LVT and textile materials, Products for sports flooring, Products for wooden flooring, Products for cementitious and resin flooring, Products for acoustic insulation, Products for building, Admixtures for concrete, Architectural stone paving, Architectural exposed aggregate concrete surfaces, Products for structural strengthening, Products for masonry restoration, Products for thermal insulation, Wall protective and decorative coatings, Products for waterproofing, Products for underground constructions UTT, Elastics sealants and adhesives, Products for the marine industry, Cement additives C-ADD, Asphalt pavements.


Europe | Africa | Americas | Asia | Oceania


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