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Majid Naybian Trading (M.N.T.) was founded in 1992.
It was to start work in the stone market by own Pink Marble Khore Quarry and so Yaghot Marble
After that, It was one of the pioneer Iranian companies to start exporting and manufacture various types of Iranian beautiful blocks, slab, and tiles.
We are the owner of the best-colored Travertine, like m.n.t beige in Kashan and m.n.t gold and Marble like a pink chore, yogurt, beige mime, cream blue in Kashan and Onyx like a white jar, light green Yazd, pink Kerman quarries.
well-known all over the world from where has been exported the considerable quantities to the Asian and European countries, in the form of a block, slab, and tile.
At present, M.N.T is one of the biggest and most successful of suppliers and exporters of Iranian natural blocks, Slab and, Tile (Marble, Travertine, and Onyx) and own 2 private stone yards in Isfahan. (Habib Abad, Mnt1 and Mnt2)
M.N.T can supply blocks, Slabs and Tiles from most of Iran’s active quarries with the best selection and high quality.


Onyx, Marble, Travertine, Blocks, Slabs, Tiles, Logistic Management, Selection, Inspection.


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