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ILPA ADESIVI s.r.l. was born in 1984 in Bari, as a Family Company, producing mastic for marble, including the famous JOLLY. Successively, it developed products for polishing, cleaning, and maintenance of marble and other natural stones. Over the years ILPA has expanded its research, specializing in putties, primers, paints, and waxes also for CarCare and BoatCare, for Professional Use and for D-I-Y. It confirmed as International Leader of reference in the marble, Carbody, and Nautical markets. ILPA ADESIVI is distinguished for its management of resources, of its Italian know-how, its continuous innovation, rewarded by the trust of a worldwide range of customers, who recognizes the true essence of MADE IN ITALY in every single ILPA ADESIVI’s product.​
In the marble section, you will find all products dedicated to natural and artificial stones. All wide range of mastics, resins, waxes, and water-based products.


Chemical Products, Adhesives, Grouts, Stuccos, Mastics, Resins, Waxes.


Europe | USA | Asia | Africa


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