KC Panels is a professional manufacturer of aluminum honeycomb panels and stone honeycomb panels with experience of over 15 years. Our exterior panels are used in landmark projects in U.S, Canada, Australia, while our interior panels widely used in Hong Kong, Macau etc.

KCP understands the importance of bonding quality. We partner with renowned chemical manufacturers for trusted and proved bonding adhesive designated for honeycomb applications. Our panels can endure extreme weathers from -40 to 80 degree Celsius.

KCP offers good workmanship. Our team are well trained by many of the landmark projects that had been completed – Not only our sales person understands what you want, but the workers who process the panels also have clear pictures. ISO9001 are strictly implement throughout the production to ensure the quality.

KCP offers good prices. We integrates production from honeycomb core to finished panels, which effectively bring down the cost without compromise on quality. We have good resources of aluminum and stone which enable us to get better offers from the beginning. Our goal is to provide quality panels with reasonable prices.




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