European Whirlpool Massage Therapy Spa Hot Tub

The V04 230 volt 6-person 53-jet acrylic ozonator whirlpool features backlit pillows, interior and exterior lighting, a waterfall feature, and can accommodate up to 6 adults. The spa tub also features a powerful 2pcs 3 hp massage pump, intuitive digital control touch panel, and adjustable powerful jets for maximum relaxation. The included ozone water treatment system helps to minimize the use of chemicals and keep the water clean.

The Lovia hydrotherapy spa is energy efficient that there is no need to turn down the temperature when not in use. The full foam insulation and thermal locking cover perfect to keep the heat inside, lowering your electric bill and allowing you to enjoy your new spa pool for years to come.

Company Name: Guangzhou Huantong Industry Co., Ltd
Address: 307c, Area 7, Olympic Sports Center Guangzhou
Contact: Monica Cao
Telphone: +86138 0254 1081
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