About Us

Ellebi Marmi is one of the leading companies in the stone industry thanks to an important generational experience that has allowed us to consolidate a high level of professionalism.
Our geological knowledge of the materials we sell (over 200 varieties), together with our ample showroom space (over 10,000 square meters outside and approximately 1,500 square meters inside), enables a rapid and timely response to all requests, even the most particular, to all national and international markets.
Our commercial flexibility allows us to provide semi-finished materials (blocks and slabs) and processed material (classical coatings, flooring, backlit, inlaid, et. al.), available for all uses, from private projects to commercial buildings, ships, and hotels.


Marbles, Stones, Slabs, Tiles, Floorings, Walls Claddings, Custom Design Projects,


Europe | USA | Asia


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