About Us

The business concept of Chemio Tecnica draws inspiration from the handicraft production of decorative earthenware and ceramic vases, which was the business of the company’s founding partner family at the beginning of the XXth century.
Familiarity with these materials enabled us to develop a specific line of products. Over time, the product range and the number of materials on which they can be applied have been widened, and in parallel, a team of highly qualified applicators has been set up for the direct use of these products on site. Basing on our 20-year experience, Chemio Tecnica is no longer limited to providing application services for our products; we also offer an entire range of other specialized services for conservative restoration and structure waterproofing.
Besides building products, Chemio Tecnica has also developed a range of boat products for the garaging and preservation of boats, spurred by our founder’s passion for sailing.


Chemical Products, Adhesives, Grouts, Stuccos, Mastics, Resins, Waxes.


Europe | Asia | USA


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