About Us

We combine the passion for natural stone and the care for details in the production process to maintain excellent levels of performance with every step, from materials selection to delivery.
The processing work, which takes place within the company, starts from the careful selection of the raw materials from the best quarries around the world.
CEV offers a unique consulting service to assist the client in the choice of the most suitable material and block to achieve the desired result.
Further assistance and support are offered by our own technical department where the skilled personnel can provide Autocad drawn plans and projects.
In CEV’s workshop, the company’s true beating heart,  marbles, and granites from the four corners of the world are processed with modern five axes machinery that enables to create a high-quality product.
The last step, but not the least important, is about getting the finished product ready to reach its final destination safely.
That is why every effort is made to provide accurate and safe packing for the stone, to protect it during its journey from our yard to our clients’ final destinations around the world.



Blocks, Slabs (with slabs scanning), Walls and Floors, Interior, Exterior, Crafting in Design.


Europe, USA, Middle East, Far East, Australia,


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