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CEL, created in 1992, is one of the main European suppliers of aluminum honeycomb and panels, polycarbonate and polypropylene honeycombs, and of lightweight sandwich panels and composite panels​.
Cel products are applied in different sectors: means of transport (shipyards, yachts, trains, automotive), building and lighting sector, marble and semi-precious stone support and interiors, etc.
Over the years CEL has been used for different applications: continuous facades, Marble support, Clean rooms, Vans and Trucks, Furniture, doors, bulkheads, and deckchairs for boating, Railway wagons.


Panels, Honeycomb Panels, and Sandwich Panels, produced with aluminum, polycarbonate, polyetherimide and polypropylene honeycombs, PVC foams, sandwich, and composite panels in different materials.


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