About Us

Carrara Design Factory was founded in 2014 with the aim to promote the precious marbles of Carrara and its unique characteristics highlighted and unveiled by the creative minds of our team of designers and architects, throughout the ability and know-how of the craftsmanship tradition that has lasted over the centuries in the city of Carrara.
Nowadays, modern machinery and techniques donate more malleability, flexibility, and lightness to this heavy and hard material, allowing a whole new use of it in design, architecture, and sculpture.
Our team of creative minds has now grown to more than thirty among which we have architects, designers, sculptors, and students. They have all learned a lot about the materials and processing techniques, but we have also learned from their talent and curiosity.
Our dream is to continue promoting our tradition while helping others give life to their dreams and unveil their creation that is hidden within the stone, be it a sculpture, a design object, a piece of furniture, or a cut to size architecture or interior design project.



Sculptures, Piece of Furniture, Custom Interior, Design Object



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