About Us

We run a family business in the town of Tulung Agung, which is in the east of Java, Indonesia.
This area many families are in the stone making business, so is our family, already many years living and working here, we mainly produce Riverstone sink, marble sink, and bathtubs.
We started to expand our products with more western products and are looking for different materials and more variety to offer to our new clients.
We have a personal approach to our clients and keep them informed during the process of manufacturing their orders, we keep you up to date with pictures and get them involved with decisions and or changes that can occur in the process.
All our products need to be Priced in Indonesian rupiah because our currency is not stable enough


Marbles, Stones, Slabs, Tiles, Sinks, Bathtubs, Logistic Management, Selection, Inspection.


Asia | Australia | Europe | Africa


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