As the name suggests, this beautiful luxury marble originates from Brazil. The country has rich natural stone deposits, and Brazilian Calacatta is a testament to the quality and beauty of the marble quarried in the region.

Brazilian Calacatta Luxury Marble is renowned for its opulent appearance, featuring a predominantly white or light gray background. What sets it apart is the striking light green,gray-white veining patterns . The veins are bold and dramatic, creating a visually stunning and elegant appearance.

The price of Brazilian Calacatta marble can vary depending on factors such as quality, thickness, and the quantity. Generally, it is considered a high-end material, and the cost is reflective of its luxurious attributes. Prices may also be influenced by factors like the rarity of certain vein patterns.

Brazilian Calacatta is available in various stone forms to cater to different design needs. Slabs are commonly used for countertops, island tops and large surfaces, while tiles are popular for flooring and wall applications. The stone is carefully extracted and processed to ensure consistency in appearance and quality.

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