Amber onyx marble stone for bathroom vanity hotel

Product description:

Amber onyx marble is a beautiful natural stone types with elegance and magnificence to any project,the theme color is yellow,interspersed with brown,white,black,beige and other textures.This luxurious natural stone is ideal for auditorium and floor decoration.

Product details:

Material: Amber onyx marble
1) slab: 2600upx1300up , 2400upx1200up,2800upx1600up,etc.
2) flooring tiles and wall cladding: 600×600, 600×300, 610×610, 305×305, 900×600, etc
Thickness:10mm; 12mm; 15mm; 18mm; 20mm;etc. Customized are also welcomed
Surface finishing:polished, honed, bush hammered, flamed, antique, brushed, etc
Usage: interior decoration
Quality Control: Polished degree: Above 85 degree. For black granite, above 90 degree.
Tolerance of thickness: +/-1mm
Packing: In fugimated bundles and boxes.

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