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ALLCOMB® is a manufacturer advanced lightweight honeycomb panels specialized in reinforced wall panel cladding system with a variety of choices including brick, porcelain, granite, marble, limestone, travertine, onyx, sandstones and slate to be used in exterior and interior and table top furniture to match any design.


Brick honeycomb panels, Porcelain honeycomb panels, Stone honeycomb panels, Micro-aperture honeycomb core, Aluminum honeycomb core, Honeycomb energy absorbers, Stainless steal honeycomb, Honeycomb ventilation panels, Aluminium honeycomb panels, Fiberstone floooring, 3D Fiberstone panels for flooring and walls, 3D Fiberstone panels for ceilings, 3D Fiberstone panels for bathroom walls, Aluminum & Marble Honeycomb furniture.


USA | UK | Australia | New Zealand


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